“Caravan of Care” 20 January 2020

https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/f/supporting-memory-late-cllr-bernard-pidcock-caravan-care-convoy Supporting the memory of the late Cllr Bernard Pidcock with a ‘Caravan of Care’ convoy UCU activist ANYA COOK explains how young Labour members will be delivering humanitarian aid to Calais refugees, thanks to the assistance of a sterling local campaigner LAST January I was invited to Blythe Valley’s Constituency Labour Party meeting at … Continue reading “Caravan of Care” 20 January 2020

Speaking in support of Unite’s motion on Period Dignity at #NTUC19j

Anya Cook University & College Union National Executive And Branch Secretary at Newcastle College where we had the first Period Poverty campaign at a college in England- launched back in October. Our campaign was funded by our branch and we invited contributions from organisations and colleagues. In February we secured agreement from the principalship to … Continue reading Speaking in support of Unite’s motion on Period Dignity at #NTUC19j

Period Poverty Campaign

Anya Cook sits on University and College Union’s National Executive and Further Education Committee and she is Branch Secretary at Newcastle College where she is employed as a Mentor. In the decade I have been a UCU trade union rep at Newcastle College we haven’t had a women’s officer on the branch.  In September we … Continue reading Period Poverty Campaign

Bringing CLPs and Unions Together

Period Poverty Blythe Valley CLP Meeting Seaton Deleval Wednesday 9 January You can view here: https://www.facebook.com/ucu.nclcoll.branch/videos/142298476646151/   When Janine invited me to speak this evening she wanted me to talk about our Period Poverty Campaign but within the wider context of trade unions and the Labour Party working together.   There’s a word for that. … Continue reading Bringing CLPs and Unions Together