Climate Change Education

Anya Cook Socialist Educational Association national executive, Trade Union activist and currently chairing NE COP26 Coalition It is high time we recognised the inter-connectedness of our planet and our people - we are not separate from it or each other. The 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference COP26 takes place in Glasgow in November.  Many … Continue reading Climate Change Education

“Rooting kindness in 2021: the year of the tree” | North East Byline

15/07/2021Opinion/ SEA Posted by Socialist Educational Association Some of the Byker Mutual Aid volunteers I have a friend who declares she is apolitical.  She is intelligent, well-read, always learning something, active in community groups and environmental campaigns.  Decisions are made that she does not agree with, yet she still declares she is not political? This outward projection … Continue reading “Rooting kindness in 2021: the year of the tree” | North East Byline

“Caravan of Care” 20 January 2020 Supporting the memory of the late Cllr Bernard Pidcock with a ‘Caravan of Care’ convoy UCU activist ANYA COOK explains how young Labour members will be delivering humanitarian aid to Calais refugees, thanks to the assistance of a sterling local campaigner LAST January I was invited to Blythe Valley’s Constituency Labour Party meeting at … Continue reading “Caravan of Care” 20 January 2020