“Caravan of Care” 20 January 2020

https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/f/supporting-memory-late-cllr-bernard-pidcock-caravan-care-convoy Supporting the memory of the late Cllr Bernard Pidcock with a ‘Caravan of Care’ convoy UCU activist ANYA COOK explains how young Labour members will be delivering humanitarian aid to Calais refugees, thanks to the assistance of a sterling local campaigner LAST January I was invited to Blythe Valley’s Constituency Labour Party meeting at … Continue reading “Caravan of Care” 20 January 2020

“Universal Credit is an Oxymoron” 2 December 2019

Writing for the People’s Assembly: https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/f/universal-credit-oxymoron Universal Credit is an oxymoron.  It is only universal if everyone can access it - but what if you don’t speak English or have access to the internet? I work at Newcastle College. On Wednesday last week I spent an hour — a whole hour — on the phone … Continue reading “Universal Credit is an Oxymoron” 2 December 2019

Engineering for Peace, Jobs and Climate Justice 9 November 2019

Leading workshop on 'Democratic Local Planning'.... ‘Democratic Local Planning’ is one of the four themes of the New Lucas Plan campaign. The Lucas Plan sets out a plan for human-centred, socially useful production within one organisation, but this approach can be used to produce plans for new jobs for one local area, but it can … Continue reading Engineering for Peace, Jobs and Climate Justice 9 November 2019

“Women in Trade Unions” Bywell and Prudhoe Labour Branches’ Rally Saturday 26 October 2019

You can watch here: https://www.facebook.com/100000500624699/posts/2991364537556871?sfns=mo Thank you Brian and Dot for inviting me to speak today. “Women in Trade Unions” was a broad remit and left the door open for me to think what it was that I wanted to say within that. Newcastle University Business School run a series of events each year called Little Heresies … Continue reading “Women in Trade Unions” Bywell and Prudhoe Labour Branches’ Rally Saturday 26 October 2019

Conference on Children’s Rights (organised by Roma Access)

(Speaking for University & College Union national executive, further education committee) https://www.facebook.com/122098561182392/posts/2391440194248206?s=100000500624699&v=e&sfns=mo I can tell you that UCU’s national executive deplore the scapegoating of migrants and we will continue to challenge all forms of discrimination and we will continue to fight against the politics of austerity and the impacts of it. UCU’s starting point is … Continue reading Conference on Children’s Rights (organised by Roma Access)

On Housing and Homes

I work in a tight-knit team of supportive colleagues. And I was glad of that warmth when I shared with them my feelings of guilt, my upset, my conscience-wresting this week. Mid-evening outside the bus station in Newcastle, a regular begging patch, I passed a man, a person who looked to be living on the … Continue reading On Housing and Homes

Hexham PLP Candidate Statement

Vote Anya for Hexham Trade Unionist, Socialist, Feminist I am proud to be shortlisted as Labour Candidate MP for Hexham.   I hope you will support me to be your MP. If elected, I will work to improve the life chances and conditions of everyone, including those in marginalised groups, isolated or lonely within the constituency. … Continue reading Hexham PLP Candidate Statement

Trade Unions Are Vital

Trade Unions Are Vital Trade unions are the weights and measures of the conditions of employment and are absolutely essential now in these most difficult times. More and more deregulation has resulted in workers’ rights being undermined and the pernicious Trade Union Act 2016 has made it harder and harder for unions to organise and … Continue reading Trade Unions Are Vital