Love Newcastle Hate Racism Saturday 2 November 2019

Speaking for Newcastle Unites

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Thank you for inviting me to speak.

Racism, prejudice and intolerance have NO place in this city.

I am proud to represent Newcastle Unites here today.

I am proud to represent a community organisation that has equality at its core.

We campaign against all forms of racism and discrimination.

Newcastle Unites.

We want to build a community for the whole community.

We want a Newcastle that welcomes you whether you are black or white, whether you are binary or nonbinary, whether you vote remain or leave.

⁃ we believe in equality

⁃ we value diversity

⁃ we see the beauty in difference

And so we celebrate here, with you, today.

We stand for tolerance.

We stand for respect.

We stand for dignity.

To stand for diversity is to value difference.

To stand for diversity is to enjoy the richness of our communities.

Intolerance. Intolerance comes from a place of fear, a place of threat and a place of inequality.

To challenge intolerance we also need to challenge inequality.

We need to ensure that noone, be they of any culture or ethnicity, be they LGBT, be they disabled or be they poor, is marginalised.

What can we do about this?

We have a chance in December to take a stand against the politics of austerity.

We have a chance in December to take a stand at the ballot box.

We have a chance in December to vote for change, vote for equality and vote for our community.

This Government has chosen divide and rule. The oldest strategy in the book.

This Government has divided our communities through forced competition over diminished resources.

Not only has the quality of life declined obscenely in this region since 2010 but life expectancy is dropping too.

Poverty induced by austerity is literally killing people here in the North East.

The general election in December is vital if we are to have vitality.

Whoever wins gets a mandate to rule for the next five years.

Whoever wins gets a mandate to set policy that will affect us for the next fifty years and more … policy that will outlive us.

The election question is simple. A binary choice:

Cold versus Heat

Hunger versus Eat

Despair versus Hope

Power versus Planet

Banks versus People

Private versus Public

Hate versus Love

Streets versus Homes

We have the power of the ballot box to bring in the changes.

Then we can ring in the changes for ourselves and for each other.

Let us push for equality.

Let us change our reality.

Thank you.