Newcastle Unites – ‘We have a dream’ Unity Carnival 2019

(Speaking for UCU nec and Newcastle Unites carnival team)placeholder://

Good Afternoon Newcastle!

Welcome – welcome to our Newcastle ‘We have a dream’ carnival.

Are you having a good time?

Isn’t it great to be here – in Newcastle?

And isn’t it great to be here – at The Monument, this symbol of peace and freedom in this city, celebrating our community, together, in peace.

Martin Luther King has a dream that one day his children could live in a society without being judged by the colour of their skin.

Martin Luther King’s ‘dream’ was that his children would be recognised as individuals, for the people they are.

Well our carnival is doing just that. We are celebrating individuals, we are celebrating people and we are celebrating the richness of our community.

And that community is us. It is all of us.

We want to build a community for the whole community.

We want a Newcastle that welcomes you whether you are black or white, whether you are binary or nonbinary, whether you vote left or right.

And this week Newcastle will be remembering the Bosnian genocide at an event at St Nicholas’ Cathedral on Thursday evening.

And we we will remember that Newcastle gave sanctuary to Bosnian refugees fleeing for their lives.

And we remember, in Newcastle, that refugees are welcome here.

So say it loud. Say it clear.

Refugees are welcome here.

Say it loud. Say it clear.

Refugees are welcome here.

Refugees ARE welcome here in Newcastle because:

⁃ we believe in equality

⁃ we value diversity

⁃ we see the beauty in difference

And so we celebrate.

Martin Luther King had a dream.

And we say – in Newcastle, together – we can make that dream a reality.

In peace. Solidarity.

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