Why I Am Protesting Against Donald Trump’s State Visit to the UK in June 2019

Born with a golden Wonka Bar ticket in his mouth, Donald Trump is the Augustus Gloop of global politics; stirring centre stage with a big spoon, unable to follow the recipe.

This greedy brute may have been able to buy everything he ever wanted – jobs, cars, women, presidency, silence – but he is not getting his hands on our NHS. Just wanting isn’t enough to make the cookie crumble.

Without the NHS I would never have been able to walk. Without the NHS I would never have been able to deliver my son safely. Without the NHS I would have fewer people in my life to love and care for.

But an outraged response to Trump’s intent on profiteering from the sick, the weak, the vulnerable is no reason to not roll out the red carpet for this greedy nincompoop.

It is a matter of values that precludes welcome here.

The leader of the free world promotes societal values that are anything but free; a world where if you can’t have what you want, you grab it anyway.

Preaching hate and teaching grudge the infantile Trump eulogises a meritocracy where racism, misogyny, anti-gay feeling, xenophobia, incestuous license and a dollop of plain old intolerance are the flavour of the day. That shouldn’t be to anybody’s taste.

World leader? Vile.

The time is ripe. Augustus Gloop. Augustus Gloop. Send him shooting up the pipe.

A fudge indeed.

Say it loud. Say it clear. Donald Trump’s not welcome here.

*The Augustus Gloop Song (Roald Dahl)

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