Speaking to FE16 Workload and Contact Hours at UCU FE Sector Conference 2019

Anya Cook

Newcastle College Branch Secretary

National Executive

We have been challenging workload in a systematic campaign since 2014.

We have had some wins and our UCU President came to the branch to celebrate with us in 2017.

Our Workload Working Group model of working was rolled out nationally by UCU in the national workload campaign ‘It’s Your Time’.

The biggest issue we are currently having at Newcastle College in challenging workload is not coming from the employer.

The biggest issue we are currently having in challenging workload is coming from the rep of a sister union.

In meetings with HR, with senior management and in front of me she has said:

⁃ there is nothing that can be done about workload

⁃ teachers are giving Oscar winning performances on workload and when you get to the bottom of it, it’s all mental health

⁃ staff are lying in stress risk assessments

⁃ staff are feeling coerced into agreeing to reasonable adjustments they don’t need

⁃ she has also said, directly to one of our reps and to an officer from the region, that our teachers aren’t very good

How dare she?

My question is this:

To what extent is the organisation to blame for not reducing workloads when a sister from a sister union is creating the arguments for management to use against us?

I support this motion.

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