Tyne & Wear May Day March and Rally 2019

Tyne and Wear May Day March and Rally 2019

Anya Cook UCU National Executive speaking for Newcastle Unites

Good Afternoon.

The first thing I want to do is to invite you to the Unity Carnival, Saturday 6th July.

It starts with a walk from The Beacon in the West End of Newcastle and ends here, at The Monument, in music, costume, dance, in a celebration of unity in our community.

Yesterday (and today) we celebrated the election of our new North of Tyne Mayor.

Over 70,000 people voted for Jamie Driscoll who signed Tyne and Wear Citizens’ charter to stamp out racism and he is committed to building tolerance and harmony in our region.

But yesterday’s election also saw 20,000 people vote for the UKIP candidate.

That’s 20,000 people who voted for an agenda that creates distrust and division and seeks to blame.

And what that tells us here is that we have work to do; that we have to reach out to those people to build a community for the whole community.

Yesterday I was in London with UCU’s National Executive and they send greetings of solidarity to you today as we celebrate International Workers’ Day.

And we remember that our workplaces, our schools, colleges and universities are communities too.

And the values we want to see in our Newcastle community we want to see reflected in our schools, in our colleges, in our universities and in our workplaces.

Our trade unions teach these values.

And our trade unions deliver these values.

Our trade unions work to ensure workplaces have policies and processes in place to protect workers from harassment, discrimination and bullying.

Our trade unions educate and promote those key values of equality, of dignity, of respect in the workplace, in education and in the community.

And our trade unions continue to campaign for better jobs that pay a living wage, enabling people to live better lives.

And people living better lives do not need an agenda of blame.

Better jobs. Better pay. Better lives.

And now I call on you to take action.

I call on you to support your trade union to deliver those values in your workplace and in the community.

And if you’re not in a trade union then join one today.

In peace. Solidarity.

Available to watch here – https://www.facebook.com/122098561182392/posts/2276200455772181?s=100000500624699&v=e&sfns=mo

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