Hexham PLP Candidate Statement

anyaVote Anya for Hexham

Trade Unionist, Socialist, Feminist

I am proud to be shortlisted as Labour Candidate MP for Hexham.   I hope you will support me to be your MP. If elected, I will work to improve the life chances and conditions of everyone, including those in marginalised groups, isolated or lonely within the constituency.

Hexham is a complex constituency with its mix of urban and rural communities, its contrast of affluent constituents and those living in poverty with lower life expectancy, higher rates of disability or long-term medical conditions.

I will work with colleagues  across the newly devolved region, with our local council, businesses, trade unions, schools and other organisations to improve the local economy, reduce inequalities and challenge the cruel impact of austerity.  We will do this by creating jobs, providing an integrated transport system, effective services and sustainable, affordable housing.

As your elected representative I will use my skills and experience as a negotiator, advocate and caseworker to support people when they need it.  I know from working as a mentor in further education, not everybody is able to ask for help. I will listen and empower people to have the confidence to speak out and look for ways to meet their needs.  When we lift everyone, we lift society.

I will be a strong voice in parliament for working people, young people and those who are marginalised to ensure Hexham is a place where no one gets left behind.


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