Why Hexham?

Why Hexham Constituency?

I am named after the historical novelist Anya Seton who spent some time living in Northumberland. Two of her books were set here – Katherine about the third wife of John of Gaunt, Duke of Northumberland and Devil Water about the Jacobin Uprising, set between Hexham and Newcastle.

It’s a tenuous link but it does feel like a connection.

The people of Northumberland, with their own stories, are important too. Wylam was the first place I stayed in 2002 and that visit, the first of several, convinced me to move to the North East. I have never regretted that decision.

But let’s take the geography:

Hexham has all my favourite things – castles, history, woodland, fields, youth hostels, cycle routes and a river, which when the tide drops, has its own river beaches too.

In 2008 I cycled Route 72 with my then 8 year old son, following Hadrian’s Wall from Tynemouth as far as Carlisle. By foot or by pedal have to be the best ways to enjoy Northumberland.

The landscape, the environment, heritage are important to me and because they are important I want to protect them.

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